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Here you can read the latest news from APE, the Parents' Association of the European School

Please consult also the FAQ about the APE in EN, FR and DE




Dear Parents

So, we are all back to School! The APE-EES starts the year with lots of activities, from elections to picnics and Go -Green events :).  


As every year, all APE-EES members elect their representatives to the Administration Board of the School (Conseil d’administration - CA). As you can see, there is one list with 14 members-candidates. The list can only be elected in its entirety, you should not mark/cross etc. any names. We need many votes, so that we have a strong mandate, so every vote counts! 

You vote by putting your envelope into the ballot box in the main entrance of the school. Your child can also drop your envelope for you.


More information in the attached docs.


We are seizing the long-awaited opportunity to meet you! The General Assembly on the 13th September gathered about 70 parents and ended with a nice social moment. The picnic on 24th September in Apollonia gardens offered great opportunities for kids to play and parents to chat over some food and drink. Moreover, our beloved Go Green events have already started and have activities pencilled in for almost every Sunday until the end of the year - you can sign up here.

See some pictures of the different activities here



This was a peculiar school year, with practically no opportunities to organize events, and exclusively online meetings. Despite the odds, the APE-EES has been very active in the background and managed to achieve quite a bit:


  • keeping the periscolaire up and running despite the restrictions and difficulties

  • taking care of the Lunch Box and of the Extra-scolaire

  • actively participating in School administration work

  • representing the School in international fora such as the CAPEEA

  • communicating extensively, on the website, by means of newsletters and social media activities

  • working on the website and on the modalities for online enrolment for the APE-EES members

  • translating house rules, newsletter and messages for parents and a lot more.

P.S. Connect to the  Facebook APE-EES (private group) for our latest news!

Update 29/08/2021 - General Assembly



Dear families, the Parents' Association of the European School of Strasbourg cordially invites you to its Annual General Meeting on

Monday, 13.09.2021 at 6:00 pm at the School


Our members who have a sanitary pass may attend our meeting. As every year, we will keep an attendance list. We are also looking into providing a video broadcast to members who are unable to attend in person. We will inform you about this in due time.
You will find all important documents attached. Please direct any questions exclusively to the Parents' Association, not to the school. We look forward to seeing you.

Susanne CAMARA, President APE-EES

Update 19/06/2021 


Dear Members,
The APE statutes need to be updated, in particular:
✓ Article 2: reference to the APE's membership of CAPEEA (Coordination des Associations des Parents d'Elèves des Ecoles Européennes Agréées), as a founding and active member.
✓ Articles 5, 7, 8: definition of member of the APE and conditions of membership, exclusion and procedure to join the APE
✓ Article 11: to authorise the online holding of the General Assembly in exceptional situations and in accordance with the legal requirements (for registration, voting rights and participation).
✓ Address of the APE


Thank you for your support.

19/04/2021 SPRING APE-EES Newsletter

Dear Parents
We hope that you had a good Easter break and made arrangements for these peculiar holiday weeks. The APE has been active on your behalf - please find underneath an overview of the activities in the last months.


Périscolaire - UFCV

We informed you last November that UFCV had to hire more staff for the EES periscolaire, in order to organise smaller groups and remain in line with the COVID protocol. This has been reflected in the price of the services. We would like to thank you all for footing the slightly higher bills to accommodate these expenses.

As per email from 06/04/2021, all our afterschool care services are closed from Tuesday April 6 until April 23, inclusive (invoice will be adapted accordingly, with no costs incurred during the period of school closing). You will be informed about the opening modalities in a timely manner.

For the school year 2021/2022, the APE is planning some novelties together with the team of the UFCV: the registration procedure will be simplified, new and past, artistic and sports activities for the children are being discussed in order to make their in the after-school care even more exciting. And of course, together with the school, we are looking at better room possibilities. The after-school care team will update you on the developments.

GO Green Events

The APE GO-GREEN team is back again, with Green Events! You can read about the initiative in EnglishFrench and German. OTHER GREEN ACTIVITIES are in the making (see and sign up in the calendar) and we may also be able to repeat activities in case of big requests. One activity, herb picking in the Robertsau forest already took place on the 21st March. If YOU also want to organize a green activity yourself, please contact:


Cooperation with other European Schools - CAPEEA

By decision of the Bureau du Secrétaire Général des Écoles européennes the three oral examinations for the 2021 session of the European Baccalaureate are cancelled: the european baccalaureate will consist of five written examinations and the A grades. The information on CAPEEA can be found here.


School establishment plan 2021-2025

In January 2021, the APE invited parents to share with us their ideas regarding the future development of the School. We forwarded these as a letter to the management. Thank you for participating!

Save the date - September 2021

We cordially invite you to the annual general meeting, which takes place at the beginning of September,
as it does every year. Perhaps you are interested in getting involved in the APE - we are always looking
for reinforcements, e.g. in the board, in the working groups after school services and GoGreen.
We wish you all the best - you are always welcome to contact us!
Your APE


SEASONS GREETINGS: Information Letter to Parents

Dear Parents, dear Families

We hope that you are well, that your families are healthy and safe - and that you are looking forward to the holiday season. 

This year is very special and will certainly stay in the memory of our kids and families for a long, long time.

We at the APE are keeping business as usual, supporting the School, parents and kids in their endeavours. Alas, we can’t organise our very popular events such as the St Martin parade, Christmas market, workshops, picnics, which were always a great opportunity for families to meet and for kids to play together. So, for now, we work more in the back office, cooperating with the School Administration, keeping the after school service alive (more below), guaranteeing the functioning of the Lunch-Box service and looking for creative ways to connect the school community together. So if you have good ideas, drop us an email to or write on the Facebook page of the APE or visit our (new) website, where you can find the latest news.    



Parents' Association members and elections to the Administrative Council of the EES

The APE General Assembly elected in September the composition of the APE board for 2020/2021.

Subsequently, the election of parents´ representatives to the Administrative Council of the EES took place in October. Many thanks to all of you who participated in the exercise and voted for the APE list (354 parents have cast their vote, with 279 valid votes, 0 blank votes and 75 invalid votes). You can learn more about the “new” and “old” APE board members and the participation in the works of the School in the Who we are and What we do sections on the APE website.  


At present, the French Education Ministry examines possibilities of using new technologies for voting. We remain hopeful that for next elections in 2021 we will use at least some elements of e-voting in order to reduce the carbon print of the operation and also alleviate the human resources required to prepare the election material.



News from from the Périscolaire Working Group of the APE/ UFCV

First of all, we’d like to thank you for all your patience and understanding in these strange times of Covid. And thank you also for continuing to trust that the UFCV team is doing what is necessary to care for your child/children according to all the latest recommendations. 

As you can imagine, the current and ongoing sanitary crisis is quite a challenge to the organisation and running of the afterschool activities. It impacted the daily life of the school. As groups across ages are not allowed to mix, and more social distancing is required, the UFCV had to split the groups differently and hire extra staff. Several physical activities are no longer permitted. New initiatives and activities as well as creative thinking are much needed.

The APE Périscolaire working group remains in weekly, sometimes daily contact with the UFCV team, always looking for best solutions to new challenges, such as the new planning for the S1-S4 Lunch-Box (as the usual premises are being used to conduct exams in the two last weeks). We really appreciate yours and your child’s/children’s flexibility, adaptability and willingness to make things work for the health and safety of everyone. 

Should you have any questions regarding the measures taken, the activities offered or the lunch box arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact the UFCV-Team directly or the Périscolaire working group


Security questions 

Security issues  are an important topic discussed amongst the APE CD members, as well as with the EES direction and that took a large part of the last Administrative Council. The security report mentioned in some discussions will not be circulated as by nature the issue has to remain undisclosed. However, all measures have been taken and the issue is still under scrutiny with local authorities as well as the Education. The APE is following the issue very seriously and is working very closely with the school. Our coordinate action also consists of putting pressure if necessary to help the school obtain appropriate measures.

Bac and exams 

The school is working, together with other European schools, the parent’s representatives and the Secretary General to organize the Bac 2021 with the current situation in mind. The exams took place as usual in December for S5 and S6 and the pre-bac will be organized in January.


Dear EES families, stay healthy, enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones, even if it may be only with the help of technology.  And remember - we isolate now, so that when we meet again, no one is missing.


Merry Christmas/ Seasons’ Greetings from your APE

Susanne, Carolyn, Robyn, Muriel, Anna, Alexandros, Erik, Beatrice, Annette, Joanna, Marcos, Astrid, Jennie, Nadia, Aniello, Anca, Eleni, Banu, Vidor, Christos  


Periscolaire/after school care - new sanitary rules

The periscolaire applies the new EES safety protocol related to COVID pandemics.


Thus, children can only play in smaller and strictly defined groups. The School provided additional rooms so as to accomodate the subsequently larger number of these groups.


Therefore, the UFCV had to hire more personnel, which resulted in a small increase of the monthly fees to be borne by  parents. These changes will be reflected in upcoming invoices.   

Here you find more info about the administrators board election 2020.

2/10/2020 Election 2020 - Administration Board

Preparation for the the election of the administrators board 2020-2021

Here you find more info about the preparation work for the election of the election of the administrators board.

General Assembly 2020-2021

The last APE-EES General Assembly has been held on  Thursday the 10th of September 2020 at 6 p.m. The parents have been asked to renew a part of the Management Committee of the Association of Parents of Pupils.

Parents Letter July 2020

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