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CAPEEA stands for “Coordination des Associations de Parents des Ecoles Européennes Agréées”.


CAPEEA is the umbrella association for the Parent Associations of the Accredited European Schools (AES).

CAPEEA was created by a group of parents who noticed that nothing was communicated to the parents of AESs from the Joint Teaching Committee (JTC) and working groups unless their local directors passed it on. There was also no contact between AES PAs. 

CAPEEA has a seat as an observer in the Joint Teaching Committee (JTC) of the European School. In the JTC, school inspectors and directors, together with representatives of teachers, parents and pupils and a representative of the European Commission and the European Patent Office, examine proposals concerning the organisation and curricula of the schools. Detailed preparation is done by numerous sub-committees. CAPEEA can apply to be part of such sub-committees.


The president of CAPEEA is Carole Murphy, board member of APE-EES. 

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For more information, please visit the official website:

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