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Frequently Asked Questions



1 - What is the APE-EES?

It is the Strasbourg European School Parents’ Association


2 – Who is it for?

Any parent whose child attends EES may become a member. Some APE-EES services are for members only (**) some are for the benefit of all, regardless of their membership.


3 - Why become a member? How?

Ever since the European school was created, the APE has played an essential part in its development.

Motivated and involved parents are devoting themselves to our children’s wellbeing.

Joining the APE-EES also means supporting the EES!

It is very simple to become a member, all you have to do is fill in the form following instructions.


4 – What does it do?

Secondary cycle

  • Lunch-box programme ** (2 services 4 times a week)

  • Fund-raising Solidarity event (school trips)

  • Parents’ reps network

Maternel and Primary Cycles

  • After school care **

  • After school activities ** (sports, cultural …)

  • Fruit-sticks programme

  • Morning Drop-off (Primary)

  • Network of parents representatives in the School Council

For all

  • Back to school picnic

  • St Martin party

  • Carnival

  • End of year party (Kermesse, in co-operation with the EES)


5 - All along school year…

The 20 parents elected by the APE-EES General Assembly make up the Board:

  • Office hours for parents

  • Close partnership with the EES management as well as pedagogical team

  • About 12 plenary meetings a year

  • Working groups meetings (Green group, WG Pedagogie, WG Communication, WG Secondary…)

  • Ad hoc meetings (events preparation)

  • Participation in the EES Working groups (Transition, Self-Evaluation, Solidarity, Identity)

  • School Council (maternel & primary cycles, including parents’ representatives elections)

  • Comité consultatif (Ad hoc Administrative Board, until the EES gets its special status)

  • Centre Rotterdam Committee

  • Final EES building

  • Relationship with local authorities

  • Networking with the other European Schools


and so much more…


Any more questions?


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