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Welcome to The’ APE-EES - GO-GREEN’ Group!

The GO-GREEN group is a working group within the APE-EES, whose aim is to continuously create ‘Green Awareness’ , either as standalone initiatives or in partnership with our school, periscolaire and Eco-deleguées.

In recent years, we have set up various green events such as a GREEN CHRISTMAS MARKET, a GREEN EASTER MARKET/ SPRING FAIR, organised GREEN EXCURSIONS, like Mushroom Picking in the Vosges or Collecting Herbs in your Local Forest or Cycle Excursions to Local Farms, contributed to the SEMAINE DURABLE, PICKED LITTER around the school, organised a COMPOST workshop with and at Apollonia and and ran various GREEN WORKSHOPS for the children at the Periscolaire.


Our aim this school year is to ‘go even greener’ and invite more members of our school community to participate, as part of our GO-GREEN working group, with your own project or as a volunteer at one of our events. We wholeheartedly believe that no idea is too big or too small when it comes to creating more green awareness and inspiring the next generation of eco-conscious citizens.

And with YOUR ideas and input we would like to:

  • Start our own GO-GREEN blog and online GREEN NEWS section where you can share YOUR GREEN IDEAS, GREEN WEBSITES, GREEN local or regional workshops, initiatives, events, businesses we can link to.

  • Create a GO-GREEN calendar page where we will try  to consolidate everything GREEN that is happening in Strasbourg and surrounding area.

  • Make our school and community a GREEN HUB and model for others


So come and join our APE-EES GO-GREEN team and share our passion for a sustainable future. 


You can contact either of us in the GO-GREEN group on

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