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What we do

The main activities of the APE-EES (Parents association of the European School of Strasbourg) are:

  • Representing the interest of parents

  • Providing the periscolaire and extrascolaire activities

  • Enabling the lunch box services

The APE-EES (Parents association of the European School of Strasbourg) was established on May 23, 2008. APE-EES) is a non-profit association. In the spirit of the European Schools, the purpose of the Association is:

  • to represent and defend the educational and family interests of the parents having pupils in the School

  • to take and promote any initiative that allows for the widest participation of parents in the life of the School

  • to represent the educational interests of pupils in the decision-making bodies of the European Schools and, in particular, the European School of Strasbourg, as well as at the municipal, regional, national and European levels

  • to inform the school authorities about the wishes of the parents and their suggestions regarding school organization

  • to organize, in liaison with the School Management, all extracurricular activities to promote links and if necessary, to establish a direct collaboration with parents' associations of other European schools

  • to provide parents with sufficient information on the decisions or deliberations of the various competent bodies concerning the School to promote social contacts between parents and other members of the school community, both in Strasbourg and in the other European Schools, in organising artistic, educational, sports events.

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