Strasbourg European School Parents’ Association (APE)

The Association role is to represent and protect the interests of the family (pedagogical and educational) in the School. It is in charge of the afterschool, extraschool, lunchbox as well as of the Accueil de Loisirs Sans Hébergement (ALSH, daily camp during holidays).

Its members sit on the Comitéd’Administration (School’s administrative committee) and in all internal commettees. APE is the point of contact with local gouvernement (City, Département, Région), as well as with the Institutions representative (European Parliament, Ombudsman and other agencies)

Le Comité de Direction (CD, School’s administrative committee)

The CD points the APE representatives to the all committees, it is responsible of creating internal working groups and establish their compositions.

To be member of the CD is to participate to the work of a dynamic, convivial and passionate group, serving the families for the wellbeing of the children.
Members are motivated, enthousiast, creative and participative. 

Job description: Treasurer

This is a key position in the CD, without the Treasurer the Association cannot function.

It requires availability of about ten hours per month including the monthly meeting of the CD.

A good command of French is necessary.

It is necessary to have notions of accounting (income statement, balance sheet).

Good knowledge of Excel is needed.

Main activities:

- The cash management of the association.

- Relations with the extracurricular service provider.

- To collect membership fees.

- Prepare the annual accounts and the financial report.